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We, the people of the world, agree to no longer participate in ecocide. We commit all our financial, social, and intellectual resources to creating a sustainable planet for all living beings.
—The Declaration  
In a not-so-distant future, rising temperatures and sea levels, increased frequency and severity of natural disasters, and exponential loss of species diversity and human life have lead to the International Change Agreement, an acknowledgment of the Earth’s fragile condition and a declaration to save it. Anyone who denies the reality of climate change and opposes the ongoing research is labelled a terrorist.
In New England, sixteen-year-old Atlantic Brewer, or Tic, watches from her house as the ocean comes closer and closer to the fenced coastline. She’s heard that kids her age used to spend their days in the mall (now underwater), but she can’t imagine that. After all, the only way to buy something new is to go to the second hand store chain, R-dubs. But what Tic really wants is to go to North Eastern Science Academy, the prestigious school that fosters the next generation of the world’s top scientists, and become a scientist like her dad. He was working as a hydrologist on the North Atlantic when he died in a boat accident, just before Tic was born.

Code Blue is a YA speculative thriller. This  mystery is set in a not-so-distant future where rising temperatures and sea levels have dramatically reshaped the world in which we live. Author Marissa Slaven keeps you hanging page after page as the story unfolds. It’s Nancy Drew meets The Day After Tomorrow with romance, science and plenty of action. For more info on book release date and possibly more trailers please  check out


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