marissa2016I am a mother, daughter, sister a palliative care doctor and now an author. I have always loved reading and would devour any books I could get my hands on as a teenager. When it came to school though I was a serious science nerd. As a grown-up even when I had almost no money I never denied myself books ( though I would do most of my shopping at used book stores to save some cash).

I was lucky enough to go to Paris a few years ago but had terrible jet lag and couldn’t sleep. Somehow a story came to me then. I started to write and write and write. Before I knew it I had written a novella. So then I wrote some more and soon enough writing became my ‘happy place’. Somewhere I could escape to after the kids were all in bed.

Over the next few years I was lucky to have professional help from the wonderful people at Humber College and the undying support of my family – including my daughter Anna who inspired my first novel Code Blue.

I am still writing, still taking care of patients and still and always learning new things.



This is me at Ernest Hemingway’s home in Key West. He is one of my many inspirations as an author. I  can’t explain it but I feel connected to him in lots of trivial ways but yet when I add them all up I feel there is something there.


This is my beloved dog Brady. He is a mini-golden doodle. This is a silly picture of him but he (unlike my teenagers) has given me full permission to post any picture of him. He is not my inspiration for anything but he is an endless source of comfort and joy to me.


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