Writing for Hope




Well the big weekend is over! it was fun and exhausting. I read from Code Blue with 3 other local authors on Saturday and on Sunday flew solo. I signed and sold lots of books and had amazing support from friends and family. I can’t even begin to thank everyone enough but thank you anyway. You’re the best!

For photo’s from the event check out https://marissaslaven.com/news/

Climate Change and Books

Climate is all about choices.  There is no longer a debate about whether climate change is happening and there is already plenty of amazing technology and biology to help work on this crisis. The question is if we have the desire, the will to act on it. Our choices are all about how we live and that’s what Anna and I talk about on our podcasts.

It’s official! Our podcast ‘Green Girl Talk’ launched in January with our first twenty episodes available on SoundCloud and iTunes

Here are links to two of our podcasts and please feel free to sample any that appeal to you. In the first of these  Anna, my 16 year old daughter, and I talk about my new book Code Blue. She was my inspiration fro writing it and I am so glad she finally got to read it since she is my target audience. In the second we talk about Mother’s Day.

WE are currently on a short hiatus while she writes her final exams! We’ll be back asap!




As always I would love to hear from anyone reading this page. If you have any ideas for things that Anna and I should talk about on the podcast, or would like to suggest a guest for the podcast, please click on the contact tab at the top of this page.

Because of all the work going into the podcast I will not be blogging as much. There are however some exciting updates on my book. Check it out at https://marissaslaven.com/news/