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Code Blue is a YA speculative thriller mystery set in a not-so-distant future where rising temperatures and sea levels have dramatically reshaped the world in which we live. Author Marissa Slaven keeps you hanging page after page as the story unfolds. Young adults and teenagers who worry about our planet will get something from this novel and at the same time relate to it on a personal level as they worry about their immediate futures: can I get into the college I want–and their planet’s present and future: how will global warming change our home, our lives?


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It’s all about choices.  There is no longer a debate about whether climate change is happening and there is already plenty of amazing technology and biology to help work on this crisis. The question is if we have the desire, the will to act on it. Our choices are all about how we live and that’s what Anna and I talk about on our podcasts.

It’s official! Our podcast ‘Green Girl Talk’ launched in January with our first thirty-five episodes available on SoundCloud and iTunes

Here are links to two of our podcasts and please feel free to sample any that appeal to you. In the first of these  Anna, my 16 year old daughter, and I talk about my new book Code Blue. She was my inspiration for writing it and I am so glad she finally got to read it since she is my target audience. In the second we talk about cows because…well cows!

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Because of all the work going into the podcast I will not be blogging as much. There are however some exciting updates on my book. Check it out at https://marissaslaven.com/news/