Writing for Hope


Hey YA readers – Can you imagine being in your twenties and finished school? Doesn’t ten years from now seem like a long time? Or actually maybe not. Just over ten years is all the time we have left to act on climate change. Adults screwed things up bad and they should take responsibility and try to fix it. But it’s your ‘happily ever after’ that’s at risk I’m afraid. In my novel Code Blue, I imagine the future where  climate change is worse than it is now, but people are at least trying. And no one is trying harder than the main characters, Tic, Phish and Lee, a group of teens at a science academy who are trying to unravel mysteries both global and intensely personal.


Code Blue will be re-released this spring by my new awesome publisher – Stormbird Press. The sad news is that they are in Australia and have been evacuated because of the wildfires!

To find out more about them click on the link.


Crazy but Kristine Aga did her Masters thesis on a book and a game and she chose to do it on Code Blue. For a fascinating read check it out.




Check out updates about Code Blue at https://marissaslaven.com/news/